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Bloomer Financial Planning

Achieve Your Financial and Life Goals

About Bloomer Financial Planning

My name is James Bloomer. I am the founder, owner, and sole advisor for Bloomer Financial Planning (BFP).

I started BFP because I recognized a need to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advice at a reasonable cost. I am passionate about addressing this need.


Prior to starting BFP, I spent 35 years as an advisor/client manager in the areas of investments, insurance, pensions/401k plans, and employee benefits/compensation. I want to use that experience to help clients realize their dreams.

BFP is centered around and 100% dedicated to clients.    I don't collect commissions or third party payments.       I am truly a fiduciary for my clients.


My goal is to create a financial plan and investment strategy that meets YOUR needs. It all starts by listening and understanding.

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